Cape to Cape is a 4 stage MTB race throughout the Margaret River region in Western Australia, two start finishes were at a brewery and another at a winery so it seemed a perfect event to launch team Broggy! We became affectionally (we assume it was affectionate!) known as “the Brogs”! We were pretty hard to miss, the six of us looking a million bucks, if only the riding was more in line with this price tag!

Cape to Cape is a super social event where riding with your mates is encouraged and having a good time is mandatory, you can choose to race hard, just enjoy the trails or somewhere in between, Broggy in a nutshell!

Margaret River is a beautiful part of the world and the race organisers did a brilliant job of pulling together an awesome event and course in what must have been very challenging circumstances. SBS on Demand has a feature on the race if you want to check it out, team Broggy made a few appearances!

We all had a ball, managed not to bleed too much and one of the lads even grabbed a podium. Felt Pretty Good!